Our skill determine our actions

Tribal Art is more than just our passion; it is our calling. Expert knowledge is more than just a slogan – we live it for more than 25 years. Our experts have a well-grounded expertise, proven knowledge of the market, and guarantee an international collector and buyer clientele.


One falls in love - one separates. Whether it is a solitary object, an entire collection, dissolving an estate or to give a collection new shape - selling art can have many reasons. One thing is for sure though; every single object should receive the appreciation that you gave it. To achieve this, we offer the right environment.

Our experts come to you, or you come to us. We discuss with you the delivery of the objects - the total collection or as individual pieces - and jointly agree upon the limit prices.

Each object is carefully and scientifically researched, examined, and whenever possible - put in context with other comparable works; provenance research plays an important role.

Professional photography, high-quality print catalogues, marketing in national and international print media, as well as respected art internet sites - and not least our preview days. All these ensure the best possible publicity.

Our auctions are simultaneously classically traditional and online. For both, we create the right setting, be it on reputable online auction sites or in attractively designed presentations in our showrooms, an old industrial buildings flooded with light.

For detailed information about our auctions, see Expert Days / Consignment.


You have been collecting tribal art for a long time, you have an extensive collection and want to give it that finishing touch. Which object would complete the collection, what gives it a definitive shape? Which piece is less suitable, or doesn’t fit any more? For these and other issues and decisions, our experts are happy to help you.

We also advise you if you are a "newcomer" as building a successful collection cannot be done in passing but is a lengthy process of training the eye. There isn’t a fast-food recipe for this.

We can help you to identify and understand tribal art art and make it more accessible to you. To achieve this, we will support you with all our knowledge and experience.


You need expertise or expert appraisal, a valuation of your collection of your individual work of art, or is it an inheritance ? Contact our experts at our locations by phone, e-mail or by post and make an appointment.

Send - where possible - pictures, data (dimensions, weight) and information regarding the origin (provenance) of the objects. Our experts will provide an initial assessment and advise you on how to proceed. For large collections, we also come to your home.