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Yombe, D.R. Congo, Proveance Julius Gerberding

Art with expertise

At last the restraining measures are being relaxed.  Now we can re-experience the pleasure extraordinary art! Invitation to consign

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Voyage Tribal Art. An art trip across continents

Social distancing? Not for art! Because art can be near to us! And it captivates us anew every time. Across continents. Curated Live Online Auction on May 23.

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The preview starts next week

Unmistakable, expressive and original, with a presence that captivates each of us. The upcoming auction shows the creative power of each of these works.

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Collection Peter Willborg

The Tribal Art Collection of Peter Willborg

His name and his vast knowledge of antique rugs are inextricably linked. He was considered one of the world‘s leading experts in old and antique oriental rugs. His second passion was the art of Africa and Oceania. „It clears my head of carpets,“ he once remarked. His private Tribal Art collection is small in number, but superb in quality.

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Akinola, son of Faleye, Nigeria, Yoruba, Joga Orile village, Collection Schwab

African and oceanic art from the Schwab Collection

He has long-standing contacts with Africa collectors in Switzerland and Germany, including Serge Brignoni, Han Coray, Toni Dähler, Georg Frederick Keller and Arnold Koller. A close friendship connects him to Arnold Bamert and Charlie Sollberger. The upcoming auction presents an excitinig selection.

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Mexico, Maya, Collection Anna Maria Posset

Pre-Columbian artworks from the Posset Collection

Whether modern artists like Paul Gauguin or contemporary artists like Keith Haring, collectors like Helena Rubinstein or Anton Roeckl, connoisseurs worldwide still appreciate the works of these still mysterious high cultures. Anna Maria Posset's private collection comprises of around 25 works.

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Open Sale

Are you interested in antique art from Africa, Australia, Asia, Oceania and The Americas? In our depot you will find more than 446 tribal art objects from European collections, which you can directly purchase at the minimum price.

There is always something to discover!

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Untitled (Figure with dance wand "oshe shango")
Lot: 3046958

Gbadamosi, Buraimoh (*1938), Nigeria

Untitled (Maternité)
Lot: 3046957

Gbadamosi, Buraimoh (*1938), Nigeria

Helemt-shaped headdress
Lot: 3046789

India, Naga


With our extensive catalogue and image database you can search for objects from our past tribal art auctions and discover their sale prices.

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Voyage Tribal Art - Live Online Auction

Voyage Tribal Art - an art trip to the impressive works of Old America, Asia, Australia and Africa as well as to the antiquities of Europe and Egypt

94th Tribal Art Auction

Fine old Tribal Art from Africa, Australia, Oceania, Asia and America. The Stockholm Tribal Art Collection of Peter Willborg (special catalogue). Art works from Africa and Oceani from the Swiss private collection of Walter Stanley Schwab. Pre-Columbian artworks from the German private collection of Anna Maria Posset.

93rd Tribal Art Auction

Fine old Tribal Art from Africa, Oceania and Asia. Works of African and European art from the 20th and 21st centuries. African weapons from the private collections of Hubert Pettenkofer and Dieter Schaffner. Contemporary Native American Art of the Hoffmann private collection (Part 2).

Tribal Art

World-class art outside
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»Wurzburg - the tranquil underdog« was the title in a large German business magazine, that gave top ranking to the metropolis on the River Main in southern Germany in the fields of culture, science and business.

For experts of the tribal art market, Wurzburg is no longer an insider tip.

Wherever in the world non-European art plays a role, the name Zemanek-Münster in Wurzburg is on peoples lips.

The specialists have long been an international hub for the tribal art market, a hub though that proudly stands outside of the major art centres....

The numbers speak for themselves. 2,000 carefully selected works in four auctions per annum, many of which are from old private collections. This is only a small part when compared with the thousands of objects that we have reviewed over previous years whether that be on-site or at the auction house, that is in a former boilermakers workshop with a skylight roof.

We take our time ! Time for tribal art, for our customers and collectors, no matter how much experience they have. Building a successful collection cannot be done in passing but is a lengthy process of training the eye. There isn’t a fast-food recipe for this ! ...

We give you time ! Whether for consultations, estimates, assessments, or if you want to dissolve an estate. Our team of experts in Wurzburg, as well as our representatives in Antwerp and New York, are ready to support you with their knowledge and expertise.

You will find world-class Tribal Art in Wurzburg ! Since 2006, Zemanek-Münster has been listed in the 'Bundesverband deutscher Kunstversteigerer e.V. (BdK)'. It is a small select circle, for leading German art auction houses that have been chosen on recommendation.

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