We are not only your partner when it comes to auctioning, buying or collecting art. We can recommend restorers, with whom we have had very good experience, professional photographers who know their craft, and bookstores, where you will find that long looked for book.

Restorers & Sculpture mounters

Your favorite piece is damaged? Now it is important to find someone who has the feeling and expertise for tribal art. We can recommend restorers and sculpture mounters, with whom we have had very good experience, among others, with:


Bookshops & Antique bookdealers

You require detailed information about your area of collecting and are searching for appropriate literature? We can help you here, by means of our extensive specialist library we can find and provide you with the necessary information.

We certainly don’t know all the specialized book and non-Eurpean art dealers in the world but here are some that we have had good experience with:


You are planning a publication, or want your collection to be documented in an image archive? Whether just individual objects or an entire collection, we can thoroughly recommend these experienced photographers, who you can entrust your property with: