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99th Auction

Zoomorphic dance crest "mishi koun" or "kamalen sogo koun"

Mali, Bamana

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American Private Collection H: 40.6 inch sold

wood, two parts (bird attachment), metal, base

In Colleyn, a comparable mask is called "mishi koun" (Colleyn, Zurich 2001, p. 195).

Elsewhere (Davis, New Orleans 1981, p. 56) it is called antelope headdress "kamalen sogo koun" - "kamalen" (young men) and "sogo" (animal) - which is danced by young men of the "ton" youth association. The antelope is inextricably linked to agriculture among the Bamana. The bird represents rain.

Colleyn, Jean Paul (Hg.), Bamana, Zürich 2001, p. 195 Davis, Charles B., The Animal Motif in Bamana Art, New Orleans 1981, p. 56 f.