Lot: 291

95th Tribal Art Auction


D. R. Congo, Salampasu

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Ben Hirsch, Maastricht, The Netherlands H: ca. 19.7 inch (with beard) 800 EUR
plus 23 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

raffia ("mufuampo"), Traditionally, masks of the Salampasu belong to a broad range of male societies and associated initiation sub-societies. Most often masks are related to the so-called warriors society "mu(n)gongo", which served mainly to protect the Salampasu agianst invasions from rival clans or other external forces. To become a member of "mu(n)gongo", Salampasu boys must be circumcised and pass through its various initiation sub-societies. Each initiation sub-society has an associated mask type which the boys gain access to upon completing the initiation level and paying an initiation fee.

Fagaly, William, Ancestors of Congo Square, New Orleans 2011, p. 320 f.