Collector's Items Sale

The diverse art movements - Timed Online Auction on September 16, 2021

Art creates universal subjects - and vice versa. An impressive example is this cubist-geometric mask with pointed facial features and lively red and white pigmentation. Whether avant-garde, cubist, dadaist, the effect on European art movements becomes really tangible in this powerful mask of the Bindji. Raptured in ritual dance, the body under a colourful costume, one may feel reminded of performative Dada soirées.

It is part of the offer of around 100 lots in our Collector’s Items Sale on September 16.

In this Timed Online Auction we present works of art from European estates at interesting starting prices and with well-known origins, such as Alain Dufour, Rolf Huisgen, Wolfgang Klein, Peter Loebarth, Hans Reinmöller, Hans Dietrich Rielau, Dieter Schaffner, Hans
Schneckenburger, Henricus Simonis, Dirk Vonck and Helmut Zake.

The online catalogue can be viewed here.

End of auction:
Thursday, September 16, 2021

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