All Art has been Contemporary

Art is everlasting - art always finds its place

Only a few times a year, are messages as rich and touching as they are at Christmas. Whether in customs, in music or literature, the wealth of traditions seem to have no limits, and only a few can resist it. We collect them for ourselves and pass them on to our children.

Art and tradition, they never seem to fall out of fashion. - "ALL ART HAS BEEN CONTEMPORARY" - this message, created as a glaring light installation by Maurizio Nannucci but not as you might expect, not for the art of the 20 and 21 Century, but emblazoned in the State Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich. Her credo: Art is timeless; art fits into every time and place. As a message, it stands for no less than the immortality of universal art.

To preserve them is our thanks to the past, the joy of the present and our gift for the future, as the German art historian Professor Gottfried Kiesow (1931-2011) once said.

With this commitment to art, we wish you, your families and friends a pleasant and relaxing holidays, combined with our best wishes for 2020.

At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to THANK YOU for the successful cooperation this year!

David Zemanek & Team

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