Lot: 64

Standing anthropomorphic figure, around 1900

Southeast / South Africa, Malawi or Mozambique

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Christie's, London, 1980
Fernando Moncada, Lisbon, Portugal
Kevin Conru, London / Brussels, Belgium
Robert Lewitzki, Celle, Germany
H: 27.2 inch 6000 EUR / 12000 EUR

wood, rest., base

According to Conru, this statue would have been most likely used as a didactic tool for a young individual's education into the workings of adulthood.

Amongst the Venda for instance, such statuary would be used on specific oaccasions in initation ceremonies leading out of puberty.

Conru, Kevin, Southeast African and Oceanic Art, Brussels, 2005, cat. 12; Expo cat.: "Afrikanische Kunst, Sammlung Robert Lewitzki", Bomann-Museum (Hg.), Celle 2012, p. 11 (left) Exhibited:

Celler Schloß, Gotische Halle: "Afrikanische Kunst, Sammlung Robert Lewitzki", 10. Juli - 31 August 2012

ADHRC: 0115992