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Samurai helmet "kabuto" , Edo period (1603-1868)


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Alfons Bermel, Obersteinbach, France
Werner Zintl, Worms, Germany (2013)
H: 7.5 inch (helmet);
9.6 inch (incl. "maedate)
4500 EUR

iron, lacquer, textile lacing, base

Twelve-plate "kabuto" with "maedate" made from gold-laquered wood; helmet crown ("tehen kanamono") in four layers; visor ("mabizashi") and lateral protective elements ("fukigaeshi") with fine suede covering, the latter bearing family crest ("mon"); four-part neck guard ("shikoro") with tight lacing of blue and beige braid

Comes with: half mask "menpo" made of two separate iron plates, the removable nose piece fastened with small hooks; neck protector ("yodarekake") made of three lacquered iron plates ("itamono"), h: 22 cm

Barbier-Mueller, J. Gabriel & Roger Diederen (ed.), Samurai, Pracht des japanischen Rittertums, München 2019