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Rare mask "okobuzogui"

Guinea/ Liberia, Toma/ Loma

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Paul & Peggy Rabut, Westport / Connecticut, USA H: 34.6 inch 2500 EUR / 5000 EUR

wood, encrusted patina, kaolin, fabric tube with magical charge, water stains, rep. The "okobuzogui" mask type is characterized by a long crocodile snout and ram horns. It is the incarnation of the great forest god "afwi", who is called by the "zo" (fetish priests) in mysterious rites in the nocturnal jungle. The appearance of the mask figure is connected with the initiation of the young boys and girls in the bush camp of the "poro" society.

Wolfram, Siegfried A., Liberia, Feldkirchen 2012, p. 85

ADHRC: 0149093