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Male spirit mask "parak" ("barak" / "brag")

Papua New Guinea - Coastal Sepik region

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Günther Markert, Munich, Germany
Ludwig Bretschneider, Munich, Germany
Munich Private Collection
H: 17.7 inch 2200 EUR

wood, pigments, collection label "67/d", rest.

A stylistically and formally very similar mask is published by Meyer, Vol. I, 1995, p. 185, fig. 189. According to Meyer the "parak" spirit is closely involved in the initiation ceremonies of the young-men-to-be and in hunting. The "parak" is thought to reveal the game to the hunter while concealing it from strangers.

Meyer, Anthony J.P., Ozeanische Kunst, Vol. I, Köln 1995, p. 185, Abb. 189