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Janiform power figure "kabeja"

D. R. Congo, Hemba

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Ludwig Bretschneider, Munich, Germany
Munich Private Collection
H: 9.8 inch 1400 EUR

wood, pigments, bone, wire, base

"Kabeja" figures are seen as visual icon of the primordial couple, the founders of the society ("abeja" = woman, "makua" = man).

In his standard work "La Grande Statuaire Hemba du Zaire", François Neyt notes: "Whether administering justice ("kihona"), making an offering to the ancestor ("lusingiti") ..., these janus "kabeja" were always present" (Neyt, 1977, p. 483).

Neyt, François, La Grande Statuaire Hemba du Zaire, Louvain-la-Neuve 1977, p. 483