Lot: 27

Big war shield "yemes"

Papua New Guinea, Asmat

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Lempertz, Brussels, 15 June 2016, Lot 32
Alfons Bermel, Berlin, Germany
H: 69.3 inch;
B: 27.6 inch
2000 EUR / 4000 EUR

mangrove wood, completely covered with dark patina, the stylized face at the top represents the stingray "puru", the corpus carries emblems that are related to head hunting (flying fox "tar" and "bipane" motifs); perforations for decorative tassels on the rim, the back is painted The relationship between shield and owner was very close and the shields were of high symbolic and emotional value. When the owner died, the shield was split into two pieces lengthwise, covering the corpse wrapped in mats and laid out for burial. Alternatively, the shield could also be passed on to the son of the deceased.

Helfrich, Klaus u.a., Asmat, Berlin 1996, p. 143