Lot: 44

Arms collection, before 1913

Alaska, Yupik

Provenance Size Hammer price
Gottlieb Adolf Stecker (1859-1939)
Family property, Eibau, Germany
German private collection (acquired from the family)
2500 EUR

10 pcs., wood, bone, fibre, feathers, fabric,

a) bow with string ("urluvret"), l: 146 cm
b) two arrows ("pitegcautet") for hunting birds ("akulmiqurcetaaq"), l: 84 cm & 85 cm
c) three arrows for hunting seals ("kinguliraq"), l: 74,5 cm; 83 cm & 91 cm
d) one arrow shaft, l: 59 cm
e) one spear for bird hunting, l: 155 cm
f) two hunting harpoons ("asaaquq"), l: 126 cm (each)

One of the arrows for seal hunting is carved with the face of a predator. The depiction of a predator with teeth is intended to increase the hunter's success when hunting smaller marine mammals in open water with towing and line equipment.

Varjola, Pirjo, The Etholén Collection, The ethnographic Alaskan collection of Adolf Etholén and his contemporaries in the National Museum of Finland, Helsinki 1990, p. 292 ff.