Art is our Life — Tribal Art is our Passion

The fascination with tribal art lies in its’ extraordinary expressiveness and its’ influence on modern art.

While anthropologists place ritual functions in the foreground, art collectors and art lovers focus on aesthetic appeal and the art historical influence. Both are offered in our diverse tribal art auctions.

Since 1992, the Wurzburg based »Kunstauktionshaus Zemanek-Münster« has been exclusively auctioning antique art from Africa, Australia, Asia, Oceania and The Americas, world-class art objects, such as masks and sculptures, as well as ritual objects, ceramics, primitive money and jewellery. Zemanek-Münster is considered worldwide as a specialist in non-European tribal art. Together with Paris, Brussels, London and New York, it is today, with its’ headquarters in Wurzburg, recognised as an international centre for tribal art in Europe and overseas that is outside the major art centres, but still incredibly well connected.

Dr. David Zemanek, expert and internationally renowned in the tribal art market has been working intensively with tribal art since he was 12 years old. He graduated at high school, studied ethnology and finally received his doctorate in 2016 with the subject »Trade in African art after 1945«. In what seems like a logical consequence, he owes not least to his parents' auction house that evolved from the European art market in the 1970s to tribal art specialists.

The numbers speak for themselves. 2,000 carefully selected works in four auctions per annum, many of which are from old private collections. This is only a small part when compared with the thousands of objects that we have reviewed over previous years. As the only auction house that specialises in tribal art, we also provide guarantees for the authenticity and originality of the works on offer.

We take our time with tribal art. Not only for the careful research of the artworks. Whether on-site or at the auction house, that is in a former boilermakers workshop with a skylight roof, surrounded by all the works of art and an extensive library, we take time for our customers and collectors, no matter how much experience they have. Building a successful collection cannot be done in passing but is a lengthy process of training the eye. There isn’t a fast-food recipe for this.

We give you time. Whether for consultations, estimates, assessments, or if you want to dissolve an estate. Our team of experts in Wurzburg, as well as our representatives in Antwerp and New York, are ready to support you with their knowledge and expertise.

The »Kunstauktionshaus Zemanek-Münster« has been listed in the 'Bundesverband deutscher Kunstversteigerer e.V. (BdK)' since 2006. It is a small select circle, for leading German art auction houses that have been chosen on recommendation.

Collectors and dealers worldwide appreciate the »Kunsthaus« for it’s professional competence, seriousness, thoroughness and reliability.