Lot: 312

97e Vente aux enchères

Tambour "bulup"

R. D. Congo, Kuba / Lele

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Neumeister, Munich, 16. November 2006, Lot 241
Bettina Rübesam, Munich, Germany
H: 106,5 cm 600 EUR
Frais supplémentaires : 27% de commission, TVA, expédition et assurance transport

wood, animal skin, -sinews, intact original covering with resin pad for tuning the membrane

Beautiful example, decorated with the masked face of a notable and finely worked geometric decoration.

Schädler remarked on this object: "Title and status at the court of the Kuba king were marked by a series of prestigious objects. Thus, on taking office, each king designed his own emblem, which contained certain geometric motifs and then appeared on all objects, cups, drums, as well as on the raffia fabrics of the court.

This drum also shows a particular basket-weave or interlace pattern, which could presumably be assigned to a particular ruler.

Certificate of Authenticity, Karl-Ferdinand Schädler, Munich, 7.3.2007
Brincard, Marie-Therese, Sounding forms, New York 1989, p. 110, ill. 40