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Rare masque de chef "n' kang" avec revêtement en métal

Cameroun Grassland, Kom

Provenance Taille Prix d’appel / Prix d'Estimation
Werner Muensterberger, New York, USA H: 30cm Vendu

wood, sheet metal, human hair, cowry shells, plant fibre, base For a comparable example of these masks with metal coating see Yale van Rijn Archive of African Art, no. 0011204. As the leader of his group, he leads the members to the performance space and is in charge of their dance style though, as the leader, he dances apart from the others who interact with each other. The face of the "n' kang" leader mask is thought to represent royalty and lineage ancestors. The dancer wears it along with a tunic covered by tufts of human hair and he holds two staffs, symbols of strength and authority.

Kahan, Leonard et .al., A Cameroon World, New York 2007, p. 136