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94th Tribal Art Auction

Soul container figure "iran otibago"

Guinea-Bissau, Bidjogo

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Michèle Yoyotte, Paris, France (-2016) H: 16.1 inch This object is not available anymore.

wood, pigments, insect caused damage, rest., base The Bidjogo believe that the spirit of deceased family members live on past the expiration of the person's body, but only for as long as the soul is remembered by surviving family members. On the death of an important person, the surviving members create a wooden figure "iran otibago", also known as "ira" or "eraminhô" within which the spirit of the ancestor resides. Sacrifices are regularly made to the figure to appease the ancestor within. The "iran otibago" are called upon before every agronomic project is started, as well as for all attempts concerning the community, like initiation, enthronement of a chief or funeral festivities.