Lot: 83

98th Auction

Seated female ancestor figure "singiti

D. R. Congo, Hemba

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Joseph Christiaens, Brussels, Belgium
Zemanek-Münster, Würzburg, 25 February 2006, Lot 254
Werner Zintl, Worms, Germany
L: 9.1 inch;
H: 13 inch
This object is not available anymore.

wood, base

Female figures in a comparable sitting posture with outstretched legs are usually complemented by a bowl. They are found among the Luba and are called "mboko".

The present unusual figure, however, is conceived without a bowl, both hands resting on the thighs. Her facial features express a great calmness, her shoulders are taut and her posture extremely dignified despite her seated position. With her rich scarifications, she probably represents a female ancestor of high social rank "singiti".

Stylistically, it can be assigned to the style region classified by Neyt in his standard work "La Grande Statuaire Hemba du Zaire" as "Muhona - Nkuvu" (cf. Neyt, 1977, p. 238).

A female figure of the same workshop was auctioned at Zemanek-Münster on May 12, 2007 as lot 415 (cf. AHDRC 0028375).

Neyt, François, La Grande Statuaire Hemba du Zaire, Louvain-la-Neuve 1977, p. 238 f.
Tribal Arts, Hiver / Printemps 1999 / 2000, p. 61 (advertisement Gallery Jo Christiaens)