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102nd Auction

Ridgepole figure

Papua New Guinea - Massim

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collected by Mike Glanville in Gawa (before 1990)
Richard Bennet, Cairns, Australia
Harry Beran, Sidney, Australia / Cambs, United Kingdom
Marcia & John Friede's (Jolika) Collection, USA

Harry Beran was born in Vienna in 1935 and migrated to Australia in 1957. He obtained his PhD from the University of Sydney in 1974 and taught philosophy at the University of Wollongong until his retirement in 1998. Harry was a frequent visitor to Papua New Guinea and wrote numerous publications on its art. In particular he was a scholar, author and collector specialised in the Massim culture of Milne Bay Province.
H: 11.8 inch;
L: 19.6 inch
2500 EUR
plus 27 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance


Beran's note on this object: "HB 567 Ridgepole figure..."horizontal bar with upright figure which has snake on its head. Label (now missing) attached to piece with inscription R[idge]. P[ole]. F[igure]. from chief's house. Made at: Gawa..."