Lot: 15

93rd Tribal Art Auction

Composite armour "yoroi", late Edo period, 19th century


Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Jürgen Fricker, Dinkelsbühl, Germany L: 37 inch (armour);
H: 15.7 inch (helmet)
This object is not available anymore.

iron, lacquer, lacing, leather, wood, fabric, horse hair, black lacquered helmet "kabuto", backswept lateral protective elements "fukigaeshi" with family crest "mon", two-part half mask "menpo" in brown patinated iron (red lacquered inside) with five-part neck protection "yodarekake" (frontside), four-part neck protection "shikoro" (backside), on wooden stand The two-part breastplate "do" has hinges on the left and can be closed on the right; fixed over the shoulders with iron clasps and solid cords with toggle fastener; separately worked collar (with padded bib) and shoulder straps made of fabric with integrated metal plates; Shoulder protection "osode", each made of six leather plates (originally with a cover of gold-painted black lacquer), sleeves "kote" made of fine chain mesh with black lacquered hand protection "tekko". 7-part protective skirt "kasazuri" (wood/ leather/ lacquer) attached to the armour; further 7-part protective skirt underneath attached to leather belt.