Lot: 246

98th Auction

Artistically engraved calabash, ca. 1930

D. R. Congo, Congo central, Moanda Region, Kitombe, Vela Raphael

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Pierre Loos, Brussels, Belgium
Bren Heymans, Antwerp, Belgium
H: 9.8 inch 1200 EUR
plus 23 % commission, VAT, transport and insurance

pumpkin, kaolin, fire blackening, incised signature "Vela Raphael Kitombe", min. dam.

Gourds of this type are decorated with motives based on Kongo proverbs, folk-tales and fables. The tradition of engraving calabashes is ancient but these narrative, realistic icons are geared at an expatriate public.

Expo cat.: "100 x Congo. Een eeuw Congolese kunst in Antwerpen", Els De Palmenaer (red.), Antwerp: BAI NV, 2020, p. 151, cat. 75

Antwerp, Belgium: "100 x Congo. Een eeuw Congolese kunst in Antwerpen / Un siècle d'art congolais à Anvers", 3 October 2020 - 12 September 2021