Lot: 172

92nd Tribal Art Auction

Altar figure of a female notable

Nigeria, Yoruba

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Jan Lundberg, Malmö, Sweden
H: 25.2 inch This object is not available anymore.

wood, pigments, right lower arm missing, rep. at the same place, base As a sign for her dignity carved with bracelets, striking necklace and loincloth.

Afrikanskt / African Art, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö 1986, p. 97, ill. 92; Särnstedt, Bo et. al., Före Picasso/ Before Picasso, African Art in Swedish Collections, Liljevalch 1988, p. 86, ill. 224 Exhibited:

Humlebaek, Denmark, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, "Afrika Afrika", 1989, No 228