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For connoisseurs and prospective collectors - Timed Online Auction on December 14, 2020

Previously Harrie Heinemans (1921-1995) took delight in this enchanting "asie usu" figure. Her delicate beauty and her classical style not only enchanted the Dutch painter and collector, but later owners also appreciated the work of this (still) unknown Baule artist [Lot 68].  

There could possibly be even more as, due to its cultic meaning, it had a magical effect. If the clairvoyant was well-disposed towards it, it gave him a glimpse into the future. A wish that many of us may harbour in these times.

Whether it's provenance or starting price, there are surprising finds to be made in the Collector's Items Sale. The online catalogue, comprising of 170 lots can be viewed here.

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December 14, 2020

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