Lot: 76

Standing male ancestor figure "singiti" with hoe

D. R. Congo, Luba / Hemba

Provenance Size Hammer price
Ivan Dierickx, Brussels, Belgium (ca.1970-75)
Loed van Bussel, The Hague, The Netherlands
Cornelis Pieter Meulendijk (1912-1979), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
By inheritance through the family, seller 1980
Christie's, South Kensington, 22 October 1980, Lot 133
Victor Skipp, Hopton, Suffolk, England
Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge, England
Zemanek-Münster, Würzburg, 28 May 2016, Lot 392
Peter Willborg, Stockholm, Sweden
H: 17.3 inch sold

wood, missing parts/ insect caused damage, base This idealized portrait commemorated and honored the lifetime accomplishments of a deceased male ancestor. With its serene expression the figure embodies the dignity and wisdom of a respected elder. The facial features of this figure are strikingly even and the body shapes clearly formulated. A particularly beautiful detail are the fingers of the left hand, which enclose the shaft of the hoe in an almost naturalistic way.

ADHRC: 0124739