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Rare war shield

Papua New Guinea, East Sepik Province, Dreikikir village

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Marcia & John Friede, "Jolika Collection", Rye, USA
Todd Barlin, Sydney, Australia
H: 65 inch 9000 EUR / 15000 EUR

wood, lime, A rare shield from the remote village Dreikikir, which lies about 65 kilometers north of Ambunti in the eastern Torricelli Range. The people speak Urat, a Torricelli Phylum language. A shield with almost identical ornamental motifs, also from Dreikikir, illustrated in Beran and Craig, 2005, p. 90, Fig. 4.25.

Beran, Harry & Barry Craig (ed.), Shields of Melanesia, Honolulu 2005, p. 90 ff.