Lot: 82

Power figure "buti"

D. R. Congo, Teke

Provenance Size Hammer price
Felix Novack (-1982), Polish/ Swedish surgeon
Novack Family Estate
Max Willborg, Stockholm, Sweden (ca. 1983)
Peter Willborg, Stockholm, Sweden
Novack mainly collected between 1930 and 1950. Max Willborg acquired the Teke figure from Felix's widow ca.1983.
H: 9.4 inch sold

wood, pigments, fabric, mother-of-pearl buttons, clay-like mass, rep., base This beautiful Teke magic figure was an absolute favourite of Peter Willborg, from whom he did not want to part, despite many purchase offers over many years. The statues mystical power will come from the actions of a specialist practitioner in magical arts, the "nga", who will smear a mixture of kaolin and "tula" (red wood powder) on the bust of the sculpture. Then the "nga" will introduce into the abdominal cavity of the figure a "power charge" made up from different elements coming from the vegetal, animal and mineral world called "bonga". The composition of this loading determines the function of the figure, such as providing success in hunting, protection from witches or good business.

ADHRC: 0170771