Lot: 34

Polychrome Cylinder Vase, Late Classic, c. 600 - 900 AD

Mexico, Maya

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Merrin Gallery, New York City, USA
American Private Collection, New York City
Arte Primitivo, New York, June 8, 2009, Lot 170
Michael Beckmann, Marburg, Germany
H: 7.3 inch;
D: 3.9 inch
5000 EUR / 10000 EUR

ceramic, red slip paint, rest.

Iconography: bird deity "Vucub-Caquix" and "Itzam-Ye", the "serpent bird", a deity in bird form which nested in the axis of the great Ceiba tree, the World Tree, which connected the underworld with the middle world (earth) and upper world. From its perch, "Itzam-Ye" could see all of creation and knew all the secrets of all three planes of existence.

Hoffmann, Ulrich (Hg.), Frauen des alten Amerika in Kult und Alltag, Stuttgart 2001, p. 201
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