Lot: 11

Maternité "katyéléô" ("mother of the village / the children of the poro")

Côte d'Ivoire, Senufo

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Lean-Louis Picard, Paris, 8 October 1991, Lot 183
German Private Collection
H: 15 inch 1500 EUR / 2000 EUR

wood, rich patina, waxed / oiled, rest., base

These generalized figures are embodiments of the primordial mother who guides and protects the sum of all the children of the community.

"Katyéléô" was particularly regarded as the protector of the initiates. The representations of mother-and-child figuratively signify a feeding of the novices with the knowledge of the "poro".

Burkhard, Gottschalk, Senufo - Unbekannte Schätze aus privaten Sammlungen, Düsseldorf 2009, p. 80 ff.

ADHRC: 0071481