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Male dance crest "aku wunu"

Nigeria, Jukun

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Moses Asch (1905-1986), New York, USA (Plattenproduzent u. a. von Woody Guthrie) H: 20.9 inch 8000 EUR / 15000 EUR

wood, colour pigments, resin/ wax, seed pots (Abrus precatorius), base This male "aku-wunu" mask is one of the most abstract known in Africa. Worn vertically, it becomes anthropomorphic, with holes for the eyes of the dancer. Held horizontally, the mask turns into an animal with bovine horns and box-like mouth. During the ceremony, this mask was worn halfway between the vertical and horizontal position, combining human and animal features.

Fardon, Richard, Fusions, Masquerades and thought style east of the Niger-Benue confluence, London 2007, p. 103 ff.

ADHRC: 0138579