Lot: 48

Ladle with decorated handle, late 19th / early 20th century

Papua New Guinea - Bismarck Archipelago - Admirality Islands, Manus Island

Provenance Size Starting price / estimated price
Private Collection Stuttgart, Germany (before 1960) H: 8.7 inch;
D: 4.5 inch
1500 EUR / 3500 EUR

wood, coconut shell, putty mass, minor missing part, rest. A specimen very similar in design, collected in 1899, is in the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Ethnologisches Museum, inv. no. VI 17405 (see ill.: Kaufmann, 2002, p. 131, fig. 38). Nevermann reports that it was customary to present guests with such elaborate spoons as a gift at great festivities.

Kaufmann, Christian & Christin Kocher Schmid et. al., Admirality islands, Museum Rietberg Zürich 2002, p. 130, ill. 38