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Helmet mask "ndoli jowei"

Sierra Leone, Mende

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Robert Lewitzki, Celle, Germany H: 15 inch 850 EUR

wood, three-part, handwritten inventory no. "34/74/v. P."

The life of the Mende is regulated by a number of initiation societies. The most important are the "poro" society of men and the "sande" society of women. The main aim of the "sande" is to prepare girls for marriage and motherhood.

At the final initiation ceremonies, the newly initiated are led through the village by a masked figure called "ndoli jowei" ("the sowei who dances"). This masked figure is believed to embody the guardian spirit of the "sande"- society, called "ngafa".

Expo cat.: "Afrikanische Kunst, Sammlung Robert Lewitzki", Bomann-Museum (Hg.), Celle 2012, p. 28

Celler Schloß, Gotische Halle: "Afrikanische Kunst, Sammlung Robert Lewitzki", 10. Juli - 31 August 2012

ADHRC: 0150705