Lot: 355

Female power figure "nkisi", before 1904

D. R. Congo, Vili

Provenance Size Hammer price
Alain Guisson, Brussels, Belgium H: 8.1 inch sold

wood, kaolin, residues of black paint, porcelain chips, brass (upholstery nails), rest. The figure is certainly related to fertility, she clutches her breasts with both hands. Her mouth displays chipped theeth indicating her high social status. At the back of the head is a round recess enclosing remnants of magical charge. It is framed by an unusual floral ornament. A comparable figure illustrated in Deimel/Seige (2012), p. 180.

Deimel, Claus & Christine Seige (Hg.), Minkisi, Berlin, München 2012, p. 180, ill. 72 f.