Lot: 28

Female face mask "okuyi" or "mukudji"

Gabon, Punu

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Alfred L. Scheinberg, New York, USA
Maurice W. Shapiro (1928-1993), New York, USA
Christie's, New York, 11 November 1993, Lot 107
Christie's, New York, 20 November 1997, Lot 60
German Private Collection
H: 11.8 inch 3600 EUR

wood, kaolin, base

This beautiful old mask with the typical whitened face is one of the so-called "white-faced masks from the Ogooué".

These masks represent female entities from the spirit world and especially performed during mourning rites. They belonged to the male "mwiri" secret society.

African Arts, 1985, vol. XVIII, no.3, p.12, Alfred Scheinberg

ADHRC: 0049249