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Bust headdress "the young bride" - "zigiren wönde"

Guinea, Baga

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Michel Gaud, Saint Tropez, France
H: 37.8 inch 4000 EUR / 8000 EUR

wood, metal, mass, real hair, base "Zigiren wönde" means "the young bride" and represents a married woman who has given birth to children. The always very voluptuous long breasts should be an indication however, the crest was always worn by young men. "Zigiren wönde" appeared at the awakening of the dead, in which only initiates of the highest order were allowed to participate and who were expected to ensure that the ceremony was kept strictly secret. In addition, he appeared at the initiations of boys ("kä-sar") and adults ("menda") and should also appear in harvest festivals.

Lamp, Frederick, Art of the Baga, New York 1996, p. 166 ff.